Venus Awards Finalist Announcement 2017

September 22, 2017

Ok….Wow I honestly don’t know what to say!

I really honestly didn’t think I would be a finalist for the 2nd year running! Wow!

Thank you so much everyone and the Venus Women Awards to Paul for putting me through to the finals!
I can’t explain how much it means to me.

I was always told to go and get a real job and not to bother following my dreams it just goes to show if you believe in yourself and fight for what you love anything is possible! And being a finalist for the 2nd time this year just makes all that fighting worthwhile 💕

I can’t believe I get to perform at the wonderful BIC again! It’s so exciting!! Roll on 2nd of November 😃 🎤

Well done to my fellow musical finalists we are going to have such a great time! And Well Done to All the finalist at the awards today!

I will Keep you all posted when the awards are nearing….also keep an eye on my social media for live feeds on the day 😀 So Excited!

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