Curtains Up West End Showcase 2019

February 12, 2019

Had an amazing time performing at Club Tropicana in London’s West End also home to Cafe de Paris The only way we learn is to read the good the bad & the ugly reviews about ourselves. It builds that thick skin you need for this industry! So back in February 2019 if you guys remember my wonderful management got me into a London Showcase which was very exciting! It was my first time on a London Stage and it was very Exciting! I haven’t read the review until now.


I’ve added the lady that reviewed it with her details.

The beginning of this review just blew me away!! I mean WOW!!! To have that it’s a massive compliment as I’ve never had any west end training other than the workshops. So to hear that really meant a lot!

I actually agree with what she has written. I did mess my Celine up that day as the sound levels were different from our sound checks which annoyed me and several other acts said there sound was off compared to sound check too. So that I completely agree on.

Now I was in fits of laughter with the Bridesmaid quote 😂🤣 and we all know I can’t dance anyway so I’m happy with that 😂

However first time on a London Stage performing…. I would say it’s not a bad review at all 💕 At least il know what they want next time 😉 and the bridesmaid dress will stay home 😂🤣

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