The Princes Trust Success Stories

May 3, 2020

So who missed my big news! I’m so Excited as I had a phone call from the Princes Trust to say they where looking to do an article on a Princes Trust business and what they were doing to bring positivity during this hard time! So they will be doing an article on me about my FB & Instagram lives & how I started all those years ago and how COVID 19 has effected my business recently. 💕 I really appreciate all the love & support as always especially through theses tough times you guys are amazing! And I can’t thank the trust enough for wanting to do this piece on me it really does mean the world! 💕 Keep Smiling guys will get through this 😊 This means so much I Can’t Thank the Prince’s Trust and my amazing mentor enough for all there hard work!  My amazing management at Whaley Entertainments Ltd. 

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